In Town

Pricing starts at $2000

For the weddings in Great Falls!

Hit the Road

Pricing starts at $2500

For those who are looking for a little more than what Great Falls has to offer.


Pricing starts at $3500

For the couple who are planning their wedding out of Montana or are eloping somewhere in-state.

*For the In Town and Hit the Road packages, you're guaranteed a minimum of 300 edits and up to 10 hours of coverage. The amount of edited photos you receive in the Adventure package will depend on how long your special day goes for.

*each package requires a $200 date deposit apart from the original price to secure your event date*

The price of a wedding changes if you are wanting more coverage outside of the 10 hours and if the wedding takes more than a hour to travel to the location. For the package "Take an Adventure", there are several details that factor the final price that will be at the initial first meeting.