If you saw on the home page, you saw a small snippet of who I am and what my business represents but that's not only who I am.

To start, I am located out of Great Falls, MT where I was born and raised. There are a lot of people who are not particularly found of this town, but I've never disliked living here. I love that if you drive 30 minutes anywhere, you'll more than likely find yourself in the mountains. It's a change of pace from the busyness of life and it's where I find a sense of peace. In June 2022, I went full time in my business after spending the last 8 years of working a full time job and balancing my business. It's been a fun change and has it's own challenges but I wouldn't change it for anything else!

Capturing the stories of my clients is not only my job but it's what I truly love to do. I love finding the details amongst the bigger picture, playing in the water any chance I get, getting to serve Jesus with the gift He's given me and most importantly, getting to bring people along with me in all of it!

If I'm not taking photos, you can find me among the trees in my hammock with either a blanket and a good book or soaking up some sun rays while taking a nap- I'm a firm believer in taking a good nap.

First Jonas Brother's Concert
Wyoming Sunrise
Kayaking In Glacier
Seeing The World
Location Scouting In MT